Hippo English Olympiad

How to Prepare for Hippo English Olympiad?

International Olympiad Academy conducts the Hippo English Olympiad. To prepare for this exam, a candidate has to go through sample question papers and online tests. A candidate can be a student of Class 2-12. The Hippo English Olympiad is a competition meant to encourage the English language at an international level. Students from all around the world compete for the English language. It is a type of support to promote a sense of unity and individuality. It serves as a fine example of the upcoming generation to live in harmony.

Here are a few important tips on how to prepare for Hippo English Olympiad

1. Get acquainted with your syllabus. Understanding the curriculum properly is the first step towards your preparation. You need to go through the whole syllabus and recognize the necessary topics. You need to be very focused on your preparation and collect comprehensive reading materials. These days, online sample papers are of very much help.

2. Begin your preparation as early as you can. The aspiring students who want to achieve the best always prepare in advance for this exam. You will have to prepare according to the patterns of most recent question papers along with the question papers of earlier years.

3. Collect your study materials in advance. Looking out for study materials or sample papers just before the test might not be helpful. You can lose some essential time searching for preparatory materials and resources. Do not get overconfident even if you are meritorious and pay no heed to your preparations.

4. Opt for some online preparation which is very prevalent nowadays. Online platforms support a lot in practising and preparing the English subject much more efficiently. Such platforms provide immediate comprehensive solutions and customised material for knowing well the intricate concepts. Moreover, English and Science are not like Mathematics which can be practised on paper.

5. The next thing you need to do is prepare a timetable. A timetable is to be followed rigorously. Put all your efforts to improve where you lag. Make your revisions timely and repeat them regularly. Going through the subjects, again and again, helps you to get a hold of the subject. Utilize your time in getting familiar with all the things that involve the test. A dedicated timetable to study is very crucial in achieving success. It is very much compulsory to split the time and subjects for every day to prepare well for such a test.

6. Practice your subjects regularly. To know well the usage of English grammar, you need to do a lot of practice. You must go through each and every feature of the English subject and practice it very firmly. Only then you would be able to comprehend all the concepts involved. Practising dedicatedly gives the capability and self-assurance to attempt all the questions of the test. Besides doing hard work, you must be having patience also. Rectify your weakness and make use of the entire help as significantly as you can.

7. Go for the mock tests or try cracking the sample papers. Everyone knows well that one of the most acceptable ways of preparing for any test is to attempt some mock tests. Mock tests are a proven way to improve your scoring and further enable you to know your flaws and strength. Moreover, you would also come to know the errors instantly and set it right immediately and effectively. Try to collect some sample papers of previous tests and solve them. It is an excellent way of practising before the main exam. Attempt to crack the questions in a superior approach than the previous effort.

8. One of the most important aspects to look after is keeping the mind fresh. And to do so, taking proper sleep ahead of the exam is vital for students. To recognise and resolve the tricky questions, a relaxed, composed, and calm mind is very helpful. The students also should realise that anxiety and stress would be harmful. Exerting too much before the exams must always be avoided. While making preparations for exams, you must be in an excellent state of mind. A student should forever pay attention to improving the skills rather than getting anxious regarding the result.

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Reading Helps to Excel

To prepare well for Hippo English Olympiad, an aspirant must make reading a habit and keep practising regularly. Reading, when done daily, brings along fluency and will help you to understand the English subject better. In this competition, there are four different areas to focus on, which are Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking. You need to read a lot, and that includes books, magazines, newspapers and not just only textbooks. Reading can turn out to be an excellent exercise if you want to improve your vocabulary and grammar. While you are giving your exams, it helps create sentences or building passages. A passionate reader can always perform excellently in English competitions. Reading for about a couple of hours is extremely rewarding, and if you understand it well, then you are bound to succeed.

Practising Begets Success

It is believed that innovative and planned methods of practice can enable you to learn more rapidly and help you to stay motivated. If you spend your time practising efficiently, you would be able to have very focused study sessions. It is crucial to understand that gaining knowledge about something often takes time. The practice offers you a factor of improvement, which can be decisive for your swift improvements and to head towards the direction of improvement. The preeminent way to practice well is to focus on what you desire to learn. Distinctive practising and setting up goals maximise your probabilities of getting familiar with the English language and performing proficiently in English tests.


The Hippo English Olympiad improves the overall confidence of a candidate besides the speaking skills and language skills. It helps the students to gain knowledge on perfect English. Hippo English Olympiad is an exceptional way for the students to prepare for similar other exams like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and GRE (Graduate Record Examinations).