Our Partners and Affiliates

HIPPO International Language Competition : Hippo “English without Borders” Competition is an international competition that is organized by GLOBAL HIPPO ASSOCIATION. The aim of the Olympiad is to promote English language, challenges students around the globe to compete in English language knowledge, and motivates the teachers to Cooperate. The Olympiad encourages the development of a shared sense of identity and Integration, serves as a role model for young people living together as one community. The main Goal is to create and nourish friendly relations, International understanding and a spirit of Healthy competition between young people interested in English language from all around the World.

Mathematical Kangaroo (also known as International Mathematical Kangaroo, or Kangourou sans frontières in French) : Mathematical Kangaroo is an international mathematical competition where over 92 countries are represented. The competition was established in 1991 by André Deledicq, a professor of mathematics at the University of Paris 7, and Jean-Pierre Boudine, professor of mathematics at Marseille. The idea comes from the Australian Mathematics Competition, initiated in 1978 by Peter O'Halloran.

Singapore International Mastery Contests Centre (SIMCC) is one of the largest math contests organizer in Singapore and Asia. They are committed to popularizing mathematics education through thinking games and competitions. These will allow students to interact, cooperate, and build lasting bonds of friendship that transcend borders. It has contests like SASMO, Singa Math, and AMO, these are all math Olympiads. They also have the Vanda International Science Competition and DrCT (Design Thinking with Robotics and Computational Thinking).