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Hippo English Olympiad


GLOBAL HIPPO ASSOCIATION is organising 11th International English Language Olympiad. The Hippo International English Language Olympiad is available to students in grades 2 to 12. Students can register for this exam either as an individual or through their school.


the English language
students around the globe
the teacher to cooperate

The Hippo English Olympiad is an international competition that motivates teachers to cooperate, promotes the English language, and challenges students all around the world to demonstrate their proficiency in the language. The Olympiad promotes the growth of a common sense of identity and integration and acts as a role model for young people living in together as one community. The main goal is to create goodwill, global awareness, and a healthy sense of rivalry among young people from around the world who are interested in learning the English language. In addition, by competing in such an Olympiad, students get the opportunity to compare their English proficiency to international practices and become familiar with the concept of examinations.

Test Format

The competition is being run in four rounds : preliminary round, semi-final round, regional qualifiers and Final Round. The preliminary and semifinal rounds are held online by the International Olympiad Academy for individual participants, and will be held offline for school-registered students by school, respectively. Regional qualifier is held by Hippo Org. In Rome, Italy, the final round will be held.

Preliminary Round : The preliminary phase of the Olympiad will be divided into three parts: a test of reading comprehension (multiple choice questions), a test of listening comprehension, and a test of English use. There are no negative marks. The average number of marks achieved on all three tests determines the ranking.

Semi - Final Round : After the preliminary round tests have been marked, the top 10% of participating students from each participating country will be invited to the semi-final round. The Olympiad's semi-final round assessments will include a reading test, a writing test (30 questions), and an essay (except for Little Hippo). To each question, there is only one correct answer. There are no negative marks. The average number of marks achieved on both the reading and writing tests determines the ranking.

Regional Qualifiers Round : Students will be allowed to the Qualifiers based on their placement among those who didn't progress to the Final Round. The overall number of new participants for each HIPPO category will determine how many students are admitted. The number of students invited to the Qualifiers will not exceed three per category and per country.

Final Round : Candidates take a Gatehouse Awards exam, which includes all four skills, in the Olympiad's final round. Candidates must also take a 30-question Use of English test in addition to the four-skill GA exams. The results of this test will be evaluated to rank candidates in the final round, and will not affect the GA examination qualification score.

Negative Marking : There are no negative marks.


Preliminary Round Certificate of Participation
Semi-final Round Certificate of Participation
Final Round All final round winners (score 55% minimum) will be awarded a
Gatehouse Awards internationally recognised certificate in English.
*Winners of each category will receive a Mizzou K-12 Online High School course.


Gatehouse Awards is an industry leading Awarding Organisation. Recognised by the office of Qualifications and Examinations regulation, England (Ofqual) and other recognition bodies worldwide. With a range of English language and vocational qualifications available, Gatehouse Awards work closely with school, colleges, employers and industry representatives to develop and offer innovative and creative qualifications across the UK and abroad. For more information, visit: www.gatehouseawards.org.


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