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With the help of the website Codementum, anyone can learn to code. It provides the instruction, resources, and tools required to run a successful computer science program. Using an interactive learning environment, children can advance at their own pace and smoothly transition to text-based programming languages like JavaScript and Python. Students can master 21st-century skills, particularly computational thinking. Codementum is a fun and educational game environment where students learn to program from scratch in a real programming language.

Distinction and Innovation

  • Children can move between text code and code blocks at any time thanks to synchronization between text-based and block-based coding systems.
  • All the subjects of Python and Javascript languages are gamified. Children will learn all of the topics of these coding languages by completing the challenges in the game.
  • Through a tutorial and an online interface, it is possible to create mobile applications and games. They can use a QR code to download the apps and games into their own mobile phones after the development phase is complete.
  • By using pre-trained AI libraries through a tutorial, students can create their own artificial intelligence applications for mobile phones.

Introduce your children to coding by playing a fun and intuitive game. Develop your student’s skill set and prepare them for the future!