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Do & Don’ts to Achieve Success in Olympiad Exams

The Olympiad Exams are one of the exceptionally vital competitive exams for school students. The main objective behind conducting such an exam is to encourage analytical and problem-solving skills. The Olympiads enable the students to nurture their minds at a reasonably early age. It also facilitates them to develop a sound background for their academic career. The main subjects of the Olympiads are Mathematics, Science, and English. However, to appear in Olympiads and to secure high ranks is not that easy. It is so because students or participants take part in a large number. These students belong to various countries across the world. To come out with flying colours in Olympiad Exams, a student needs to toil very much hard.

The students ought to pursue a schedule of study very dedicatedly for the Olympiads. They also need to follow a list of things to do & things not to do for performing successfully.

The Do’s to Follow

1. Allot Yourself Adequate Time To Study – The best approach to prepare for the exam is to go through your studies each day. To study just before the day of the exam is highly stressful. Make a to-do list to mark out what you have learned and what got left out. After that, organize your timetable accordingly. Give preference to all the subjects and study them in equal proportion.

2. Practice on Previous Question Papers – It is well-known that preparing with question papers from earlier years is incredibly effective. The older question papers would help you to get familiar with the format and type of questions. This way, you will be able to anticipate what you are going to face in the exams. By practicing with earlier test papers, you can also determine the time required for the upcoming exams. You can further take online tests to get a better understanding of the exam pattern.

3. Take Breaks at Regular Intervals – The brain needs usual rest to resume its focus. Stretching your study for a longer duration might be tiring for your brain. Due to such reasons having a timetable is useful. Taking occasional time off from your studies is good to regain concentration and freshness of mind.

4. Stay Motivated & Positive – To achieve success in Olympiad Exams, students must train themselves academically. And to have that academic approach, it is necessary to have a positive state of mind. If you want to get rid of nervousness and uneasiness, indulge in some hobby or do anything creative.

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The Don’ts to Avoid

1. Avoid Getting Stressed Out – It is always suggested that you should not strain yourself while preparing for the exams. Rather than worrying about marks and results, you must study smartly and perform well. Anxiety can be harmful to your mind and body as well. Don’t ignore your health and fitness because they are vital too.

2. Avoid Studying at Unusual Times – That means when you feel sleepy you can leave your study table for a while. A common thing we all experience is that after having lunch or dinner, we feel drowsy and worn out. Therefore, studying after having a meal is not that beneficial.

3. Stay Away from Distractions – You must distance yourself from all kinds of distractions while studying. If you get a lot of noise or similar commotions near your study space, it is time you should shift. Distractions can consume a lot of valuable time. Another form of distraction worth mentioning is the Smartphone. You need to keep at bay the social media and other activity while studying. And this would turn out to be quite worthy.

4. Stop Reading Tough Subjects Continuously – If you study the tough subject one after another, you’re not helping yourself. You need to go through the hard subjects with a somewhat gap in between. Studying one tougher subject then followed by an easier one helps in preparing for the Olympiad Exams.

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