International Science Olympiad

How to prepare for the International Science Olympiad

When we come across the word "science" we think about the illuminating images of the solar system, sparkling chemical reactions in test tubes, exploring the plethora of flora and fauna, Archimedes principle, Einstein's equations and whatnot. Don't we? The list is endless, but these are mere images of our perception of science. So, how do you know the principles and concepts behind these captivating wonders or rather say grab that in-depth scientific knowledge without letting you spend hours banging your head against the wall or relentless hours of getting stuck at the same theory?

Well, we have got you all covered up for this. International Olympiad academy brings international science Olympiad focuses on providing our upcoming generation to learn about science from basics to advanced level. The exam aims to test students not only in the theoretical knowledge of the subjects but their practical applications as well.

How to prepare for International Science Olympiad?

Learn science like your favourite hobby: It is very crucial to have a strong foundation for every topic you come across. Don't get intimidated by looking at thick science textbooks, complicated terms and laws that give you a nightmare. Learn science like it's your favourite hobby and the best part about science is that you don't always need a thick textbook to score well in the exams. If you observe carefully, you will find the answer to all your questions around you.

In-depth knowledge about the syllabus:

Make sure you are proficient in all the topics. You should possess knowledge about the topics mentioned on our website under the syllabus section. Practice easy, medium and difficult questions of all the topics and have a good grip of basic concepts of the topics, it helps you to solve questions quickly and easily. Download the e-book from our website and prepare for the International Science Olympiad.

Practice, Practice and Practice! :

As the saying goes, there is no glory in practice, but there is no glory without practice. To learn swimming or to ride a bicycle you practice it every day until you become perfect. Similarly, it would help if you practised all the questions every day, take out 2- 3 hours to practice. Start preparation early so that you can complete the syllabus and give mock tests as much as you can to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Uses online resources from our website:

Give tests from our previous year papers and join online classes for in-depth knowledge of each topic. Preparation books and worksheets after every class will help you a lot for the exam. Read Encyclopedia or any science book of your interest.

Stay motivated by rewarding yourself every time you achieve your target:

'Being mentally confident'- is the key to perform well in any Olympiad. Hence, it is necessary to carry an optimistic attitude to score high in the International Science Olympiad. Build the right attitude in yourself once you are academically prepared. Check your notes, essential topics or subtopics, go through all the marked vital questions.

International Science Olympiad question paper

Practice and get to know the type of frequently asked questions from the sample paper. Visit our website and download free sample paper for Practice. Use a few sample papers like mock tests before you appear for the final exam.

How to Manage Your Time During International Science Olympiad

The paper contains 24 questions for grade 1 to 4 and 30 questions from grade 5 to 11. The question paper will be a multiple-choice question with 4 choices to each problem, and the time allotted is 75 minutes. Before the exam, try giving 5-6 mock tests so that you can understand how to manage time during the exam. It would help if you tried completing every question in 1-2 minutes and we would recommend completing the question first that you know very well. Before you start attempting, scan the entire paper to attend questions you are confident about, this also helps you to boost your confidence throughout the paper. Always keep a tab of the timer while giving the exam. Attempt those questions which you're 100% sure of since there is negative marking (-1 marks) for each incorrect answer.

International Science Olympiad student registration

Students can register for International Science Olympiad under individual student registration from our website. The exam will be conducted through online mode. Students can practice past year papers and sample to get acquainted with the exam before they give the actual Olympiad exam.

International Science Olympiad school registration
Schools interested in applying for the International Science Olympiad can apply through both online and offline mode. For students applying through schools, the exam is conducted at their respective schools only.

International Science Olympiad result
To check your result, please visit our website. We upload all the results at our website only.