International Physics Olympiad 2023

4 Most Effective Strategies to Support Your Child During International Physics Olympiad 2023

The Olympiads are the examinations conducted to assess the general logical skills and conceptual understanding of the students. These exams present the core analysis of the core subjects in school at the national or international level. One such subject is Science, or Physics specifically, which is considered one of the most practical subjects to perform in. It is natural for parents to want their kids to perform well and are looking for ways to help them prepare and subsequently crack the International Physics Olympiad.

Some of the tips and strategies to support are as follows.

Previous Year Papers and Study Material

The most important thing to do when preparing for the International Physics Olympiad is to find the previous years’ papers and help your child to study them. When solving them, the students are able to analyze the type of technical and science-based questions that can be found with the dedicated support of the parents, the possible time it would take to solve each question, and the way to find the correct answers. Practicing Science questions through papers means analyzing your practical approach to difficult concepts. You can also look for guidance by putting your theory into practice through the papers.

The parents can therefore help their children by finding the best Olympiad experts to enable them to find the right study resources and the necessary books to look at for theory and practical purposes when preparing for the International Physics Olympiad as a part of Science Olympiad. These resources can include online books by famous Olympiad professionals and professors in the field of specialty like Physics.

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Motivation and Inspiration

It is necessary for parents to always keep a positive attitude towards exam preparations. Inculcating fear in students is not the right way. Instead, the right amount of motivation and bucking them up in their efforts can help a long way. Help them interact with previous Olympiad performers which can help them inspire, work harder, and develop plans for olympiad preparations. Make their learning fun and encourage them to step over one milestone to cross off from the list and celebrate the mini success.

Pressurizing kids is never the best way to motivate them. This in fact yields a negative outcome in the performance. It is best to let them take the initiative to work harder instead of forcing them to keep learning science theory for hours on end. After all, one hour of dedicated practical learning of a subject like science is much more fruitful than many hours of forcefully sitting in front of a book for theory.

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Skill Development and Aptitude

Apart from specific learning on the subjects, having essential skill development is a must. Every child’s brain works well when it is boggled and jolted from the state of rest. This is possible when the child is forced to think deeply and out of the box before understanding the process of answering. Parents can help them work on general worksheets to answer mathematical and other challenging problems.

When studying Science, a child must be motivated to learn how things work. Everything used in daily lives is what came from the research and development in the field of science. Therefore, kids must be encouraged to open their thinking portals.

Having the students work on their aptitude through general aptitude tests available is a great way to make them learn how to think in different ways. Parents can help students by encouraging them to regularly solve new puzzles, working on Sudoku, word puzzles, crosswords, riddles, and so on. This will help them work the gears of their minds and learn to think about a situation from varying perspectives.

Time Management and Lifestyle

When preparing for an exam like the very competitive International Physics Olympiad, students must prepare themselves by enabling a better time management approach. This is possible when the students know the importance of time and how to manage it effectively. In routine, parents should also help the students manage their time by making a timeline for all tasks.

In exams having less time for each question means that your mind and hands must work in perfect coordination and quickly to solve questions and move on to the next. The best way to mold the kids into well-balanced performers is through time management. This will also help the students to maintain a balanced lifestyle when it comes to eating and sleeping on time. This regulates the minds of the students and makes their work results more effective.

Additionally, Science is a subject that takes some time to sink in. Therefore, spending dedicated timelines and putting in practical concepts can help the kids channelize their strength and grasp concepts early.

International Physics Olympiad comes under the banner of International Science Olympiad. Each of the subjects under Science will be covered in this exam. Having other divisions is different where theory might work. But for Physics, if you have not explored practical questions, solved numericals and word problems, practiced formulas for calculation of time and speed, mechanics, motions, distances across space etc. and carried out experiments personally, understanding concepts become far-fetched.

These 4 strategies are quite effective in ensuring that your child is prepared with your support for the International Physics Olympiad 2023. When you are ready to dive into the world of Science and ace the Olympiads in the coming year, you need to put on your ready thinking caps and ask for the help of experts from the International Olympiad Academy to pave the way for a better study approach.