About Us

Our education system has, for a long, focused only on the core concepts that science and mathematics can offer. This has spurred the need for an external platform that provides the opportunity to apply these concepts and build a deep understanding of the core concepts learnt in school. Olympiads are competitive examinations conducted nationally and internationally and have proved to be such platforms that allow students to test their mettle in different subjects. These exams focus on the application of concepts learnt in the classroom. The exams are designed in such a way that the students are forced to apply multiple concepts simultaneously to arrive at the answers. This not only sharpens their skill but also builds in them a deep appreciation of the subject.

International Olympiad Academy, recognize the need for such periodic tests that pushes the students out of their comfort zone and helps them build them their logical reasoning and analytical abilities. Our Olympiads that are conducted on an international level pick students from all across the globe to compete against their peer groups. We aim to foster a healthy environment that is competitive yet enriching.

We also provide a mentoring program that guides the students throughout the process of preparing for such exams. Our mentors are highly qualified professionals who have been a part of the education system for over twenty years. They have experience mentoring students of different ages and capabilities and help them achieve their ultimate potential. Their extensive knowledge allows them to assess the potential of students quickly and customize the program to mentor students with different capabilities in a manner that suits each student exclusively.