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Scoring System

Scoring System 2022-2023 .

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Exam Schedule and Format 2022-2023 .

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Categories 2022-2023 .

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Syllabus 2022-2023 .

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Advisory panel

  • S. Gopalakrishnan (GK)
    In a career spanning 3 decades, GK held leadership positions as CEO & Country Head, catering to the...


  • Ioa has been an amazing platform for meritorious knowledge hungry students to test their skills amongst peers of different parts of the world, by hosting international level competitions every year. I have been a participant of vanda, singa, doka, hippo and amo and such exams have really helped me develop my inner strengths. The members are also very helpful and always ready to help you out in any case of problems. A big thumbs up for ioa. 10/10 !!

    Sayak Chowdhury