The questions are standard and test the potential of candidates.


Very Good.

Pronoy Kumar Ghose

Exam paper questions are excellent.

Bhaskar Pandey

Competency level is high and the exams are tough and interesting.

Satyabrata Behera

Very challenging questions need critical thinking. Aryan enjoyed solving them.


Very Good and knowledgeable Olympiads to get International exposure

Pratyush Ghose

Let me just say your site is amazing! It is well put together and easy to navigate which is a plus. I hope everything is going great and much success in your future.

Deon Peebles

Good International Olympiad.

Arnav Nigam

Too good and give results quickly

Jaswant Keshri

Exams are good and definitely it enhances the analytical thinking of students.

D K Sahoo

It was a very good experience for my child

Farea Aziz

Ioa has been an amazing platform for meritorious knowledge hungry students to test their skills amongst peers of different parts of the world, by hosting international level competitions every year. I have been a participant of vanda, singa, doka, hippo and amo and such exams have really helped me develop my inner strengths. The members are also very helpful and always ready to help you out in any case of problems. A big thumbs up for ioa. 10/10 !!

Sayak Chowdhury

Excellent experience

Shravya Bharath

It boosts up the students capablity

Visshan Sona Arunprasad

this year, it was first time i made my child participate in mathematical kangaroo olympiad and i really liked the level of questions asked and the workbook questions. They are mostly based on critical thinking which is an important part of non- routine mathematics. Thankyou for conducting such olympiads at international level.

Isha Pinjani

The test is good

Sunidhi M

Excellent organization. Thank you so much mam

Chirantan satapathy

My daughter had participated this olympiad. I think this is one of the best olympiad for improvement of analytical skill of students.

Abhipsa Biswal

Exam conducting procedure is nice

Rohan Kumar Choudhury

Very nice. Excellent

S. Rohan Lal

My son Krishaanth Ramaraj had the best experience to learn this Math Kangaroo online classes. He is happy to learn new concepts and enjoy studying maths. The teacher and coordinator were very supportive and helpful. Sanjay sir worked on his weak area and trained him accordingly. Thanks a lot, Math Kangaroo Team.

Ms.Ramya (Krishna's mother)

Brooks Huang is in 8th grade at Chinese International School, Hong Kong. This class is a good complementary enhancement of his classwork. It was a low teacher to students ratio where students have much better learning.

Brook's Parents

Taking Math Kangaroo Classes helped Kartar to perform well in the competition. He was more confident and prepared to take the exam. Thank you team for all your hard work and guidance.

Kartar's Parents

Classes were very helpful for Math Kangaroo competition preparation. Worksheets practice are quite intensive. Thank you International Olympiad Academy team for your guidance.

Jasman's Parents