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International Science Olympiad

About Science Olympiad Competition

Since the advent of science humans have striven hard to uncover every mystery that shrouds this universe. With technological advancements leaping and bounding every moment we must pause and question ourselves: what is our contribution to it? Are we providing our upcoming generation with the means to be the next great explorer or the next great scientist?

International  Science Olympiad aims to specifically achieve this. The science Olympiad conducted by IOA aims to recognize the raw talent within students of formative age. International  Science Olympiad provides the students to test their mettle against the very best at International Level.

The exam aims to test the students not only on their theoretical knowledge of the subject but their applications as well. The main aim of the exam is to test the scientific temperament of each student as they tackle problems of increasing difficulty that challenges their knowledge at every step and forces them to think beyond the textbook knowledge. Each question is designed to test the inherent knowledge of each student.

The exam would be conducted in two rounds. The students shortlisted in the preliminary round will only be allowed to appear in the final round and test their mettle once more against the very best from all across the country. The second level poses a series of questions of levels of difficulty far greater than the earlier level. The Final round is designed not to test the memory of the students rather their scientific temperament and reasoning ability as each question is an application of the concepts they have learnt earlier.

The students qualifying the final round would all be eligible to participate in a study tour abroad where they will be exposed to the international scientific community. Such an opportunity at a formative age will enforce the scientific reasoning ability within each student. It will allow them to question everything on each step and enhance their understanding of the underlying concepts that govern our universe.

Awards and Prizes:-Perfect scorer in final rounds of each grade to get Year Long Cash Scholarship of Rs. 1000/- per month. Perfect score at of each grade to get a chance to participate in International camps at subsidized cost.Top scoring students at each level of participation will be awarded with gold, silver, bronze medals and merit certificates. Other will get the certificate of participation.